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Beautifully landscaped home with attractive lawn.  Let New Earth Landscaping landscape your home and provide lawn care

Mission Statement


Our mission is to exceed every client's expectations with distinctive lawn maintenance services and landscape installations.  We will provide the highest quality in lawn service, workmanship, products, and plant materials. We practice environmentally friendly ORGANIC lawn services & landscape installations to enhance the beauty and value of every customer's property. At New Earth, we take pride in being earth friendly.  


While many customers thank us for consistently saving them money, we are equally as obsessed with ensuring our products and operations are sustainable. "Sustainability" isn’t just a buzz word at New Earth Landscaping. We put customers, plants, and planet before profit with everything we do.


Our lawn care services are safe for your family, your pets and our environment. We provide a organic lawn care program based on your property's specific needs to make sure your lawn looks great through the year. We work with Mother Nature for the health of your property and the earth.


Our Vision: From lawn mowing to landscape installations, we do our best to minimize the outputs of every property serviced while increasing the aesthetics on every visit. 


Inspire: Each job, whether mowing grass, pruning, weed control, or landscape installation, is done with the utmost care, concern and horticultural expertise to insure quality service and workmanship.













Serving the client: Providing lawn maintenance and landscaping service is what we do, and maintaining completely satisfied customers is what we do best.  We treat clients with respect, doing more than expected, anticipating needs, and making a difference.


Satisfy: By utilizing the best machines and materials, the latest techniques, knowledge and equipment we will deliver the green lawn or beautiful landscape you desire at the lowest delivered cost available!  We guarantee green grass and no weeds!*


Safety first:  We insist on safe work practices at all times, as part of a caring work environment.  We are fully insured with Hartford Insurance for $1,000,000 for property and liability damages should they happen.



We are a Veteran Owned Small Business that gives back to our community!  


We do pro-bono work for:




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